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Charlisangels adult vacations Resort is your erotic vacations adult destination when it comes to find a real sex vacation all inclusive solution in the Caribbean. The most beautiful women of the world await for you in this tropical, exotic island. Our Adult vacations resort has become the favorite erotic travel destination of choice for Adult only vacations seekers, executive retreat travelers and individuals looking for a real all-inclusive affordable erotic vacation package for relax and holiday travel in the islands. Adult travel, erotic vacations, adult vacations, sex vacations or any other kind of escort-related vacations can be enjoyed at Charlisangels exotic escorts resort with all-inclusive Caribbean vacations in luxury beach front and ocean front villas stocked with bar and gourmet chef.

Treat yourself to a night of disco, erotic escorts, delicious gourmet foods and top drinks, superb weather in a paradise villa with private beach and pool. Golfing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and many more activities are here for you to enjoy. Come and have the best there is to life, after all, don't you deserve it? Come to Charlisangels and you'll find out why we are the most exotic adult resort.
Browse through our adult vacations packages page and discover the one that suits your adult vacations needs, we will have the perfect companion for a wonderful escort vacations in the Caribbean. Charlisangels Adult Vacations Exotic Resort offers private beach front and ocean front villas in the best of the Caribbean.

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Welcome to Charlisangels Adult Erotic Vacations News, our latest updates on line journal where we will keep you updated on the latest trends and new babes at the resort, as well as new promotions and useful information. Since we get many questions from new visitors we will post  here many answers that will help those who still haven't visited Charlisangels. Erotic Vacations will always be total pleasure when you meet new escorts each time you visit, the newest Angels will always be featured here so you can quickly find a direct link to them. Be among the lucky ones to meet Genia , the newest Angel in the resort.

The Forum: The best way to exchange information.
We want to say thank you to all the forum visitors for their questions and feedback, specially the past visitors that have contributed with the new comers when questions are being posted. We felt that  we needed a board that could help in the exchange of information among visitors, for a real erotic adult vacation with no hidden details!

What goes on when you visit Charlisangels Adult Erotic Vacations  Escorts Resort
Erotic vacations is an all-inclusive concept new to many who have never been at an escorts resort or taken a sex vacation trip away from home. We receive many questions by email everyday from people asking about the Charlisangels Erotic Vacations and the accommodations, girls, foods and  activities. At Charlisangels we always provide the best when it comes to making your stay with us a very enjoyable time. Once you arrive at the airport ( POP ) , a personal assistant will meet you at the VIP lounge, so you don't have to wait in line.

The next step is a 20-minute drive to the villa, where the girls are waiting for you dressed up and ready to be chosen among the present ones. This is most probably one of the very few places in the world where gorgeous girls will come to you and say "take me" out of the blue even if you're not Donald Trump. Some guests will just choose a girl and head straight into the suite, others will talk with the girls to learn more about their bios and personality  before choosing. Any adult erotic vacations without good music in the background and a 24hr bar to have anything you want is not the same. There's bartender services if desired among the staff. Everything's designed to make the ultimate adult vacations a unique experience each time you visit.

The erotic vacation villa itself is a luxury beach front vacation property with 6 suites, a large swimming pool and lots of gardening areas. There's 3 suites in the first floor and 3 on the second with a large TV room with a wide screen with Satellite service. Also there is a personal computer with Internet and a wireless router for guests who prefer to travel with their lap top computers. Privacy and security is a must in any adult vacations, so we have a well trained staff and safe deposit boxes to make sure you feel secure and well taken care of with us.

The gourmet menu has everything you want in terms of International Cuisine, such as Italian food, Mexican food, American food, Chinese and local. Fresh and ready to be cooked, we keep a stock of the finest fish, lobster, shrimps, filets and pastas. Our Chef has been ranked among the top three in the north coast of the island, a reason why we have kept him exclusively for Charlisangels erotic vacations for the last three years. Think of the energies you will need to replenish while on a three night four days escorts vacations, your chef will do only the best to your taste and desires. The menu at Charlisangels Escorts Resort has been customized in many ways if your preferences require a different criteria in the selection, feel free to ask for our Adult Vacation packages brocure.

The bar at the villa has top of the shelf drinks such as whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, and several kinds of beer, among those Budweiser, Miller, Corona, Heineken, Presidente, and much more. Bottled water is ever present because in the DR tap water just can't be drank. We take great care in providing the best international brands so you can feel at home and relaxed. Erotic vacation parties are the wildest at the beach villa, with many girls playing in the pool and tequila drinking contests. If you want  a romantic dinner with champagne for two at sundown by the beach we can arrange a table with very fancy decoration so you can enjoy the warm sunset while sipping your favorite drink and dining al fresco with your favorite Angel companion.

We have heard that some other resorts will limit your usage of the bar, here at Charlisangels  there's no such thing as limits, we let you have a wild ride from start to end because this is what you're here for, to get some real R&R. Of course we advise our guests to enjoy the meals and the girls before drinking too much, otherwise you might miss the best of the overall experience. escorts vacations will always be our specialty at Charlisangels, and limitations are not part of the deal when it comes to having fun in this beautiful Caribbean island. Think of what you get on the Guest Club,  from free activities, girls, even helicopter rides in the best of the island!

There's many activities in the island such as Casinos, horse back riding, diving, sailing, fishing, helicopter tours, golfing, surfing, and much more. The island's north coast was the first Spanish settlement in the new world when Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. The remains of the Spanish conquistadores still linger in the people and the nearby city of La Isabella. South of the island there's a colonial city with many buildings, churches and other buildings built by Columbus and the Spanish crown.

Ocean World marine park is a main attraction in the island's north coast, very close to Charlisangels beach front villa. You can swim with dolphins and tamed sharks, watch seals perform a show and hug you for a close up souvenir photo. A lot to see and learn in this paradise of marine life. Come and swim with Tuna fish in a large aquarium or walk below the glass tunnel. Because a true Caribbean vacations can also be a good time to enjoy the best of nature. The island has also other special trips for nature lovers. We can say that the most complete range of options for a great rich-featured adult vacation can be found in the Caribbean. Contact us about all the good choices and we will customize it specially for you.

Sun, sand and lots of sex. What more can you ask for? Call us or visit the website for the details of our special Adult Vacation services. You've worked hard. Now have some fun. Have lots of fun. Reward yourself with exotic island resort vacation!!

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